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Las Vegas Regional Animal Campus, Las Vegas, NV

During its 2005 expansion, the Regional Animal Campus (RAC) - a non-profit corporation - significantly increased the number of kennels and runs used to house more than 50 thousand homeless animals every year. The RAC is the largest facility of its kind in Nevada and one of the busiest in the country, but is located in a high-drought area, where increased water demand outpaces the available potable supply. The highly demanding criteria led the nonprofit to choose the Living Machine® system, enabling them to minimize the impact on the environment and conserve potable water, as well as reducing operational costs. 


The Tidal Flow Wetland Living Machine® System allows the reuse of over 70% of the daily water volume required by the campus, treating up to 25 thousand gallons per day of wastewater. The water collected from the campus is treated by a six cell system with subsequent triple disinfection prior to reuse. The Living Machine® system is well adapted to saving water in desert conditions, since it minimizes evaporation and avoids the large infrastructure and energy costs of moving water long distances for municipal treatment. 


  • Very low energy usage. 
  • Minimal operating and maintenance requirements. 
  • Visual beauty and micro-climate cooling, with Papyrus reed beds remaining vibrant throughout the long seasons of hot dry weather. 
  • The Living Machine® system produces high quality reusable water, saving over 7 million gallons of fresh water per year. 
  • Project achieved LEED Platinum certification through the U.S. Green Building Council.