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Kwan Lamah Subdivision, San Juan Island, WA

Kwan Lamah Community Association is a new residential development in a pristine coastal environment on San Juan Island, Washington. The subdivision plan includes a total of 120 affordable housing units and 120 market-rate units, mixing single family homes and attached units. The development’s goal was to have a treatment system that would reliably meet stringent discharge standards and would have minimal operational requirements. The Living Machine® is the perfect fit for this sustainably-focused development. 


The main components of the wastewater treatment system are primary treatment and flow equalization for initial solids removal, a Living Machine® System comprised of five Tidal Flow Wetland cells for biological treatment, and final ‘polishing’ and disinfection for pathogen removal. Effluent is stored in a holding tank and is used for onsite subsurface drip irrigation. Toilet flushing reuse is planned for future phases of the project. 


  • The Living Machine® system is attractively incorporated into site landscaping. 
  • Provides a reliable source of reclaimed water for landscape irrigation. 
  • Up-front costs are avoided because the Living Machine® treatment system is modular and can grow alongside new construction. Capacity starts at 7,000 gpd and will be expanded to 40,000 gpd.