Living Machine® Components

The Living Machine® is made up of several components. While mimicking the processes of natural coastal wetlands, our patented components are smaller and more efficient than any other system available – giving our technology a smaller physical footprint and a smaller carbon footprint.

The main components of a Living Machine® System are:

  • Primary Tank: here solids settle and begin to degrade
  • Equalization Tank: the tank buffers periods of high and low flow.
  • Stage 1 Tidal Flow Wetland Cells: these aggregate media-filled planters are alternately drained and filled up to 18 times per day.
  • Stage 2 Tidal Flow Wetland Cells: a portion of water moves to Stage 2 and undergoes the same process, where smaller treatment media provides faster treatment.
  • Polishing System: water undergoes final polishing and treatment.
  • Reuse Tank: treated water enters the reuse tank before moving on to different reuse applications.