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Hydroponic Living Machine System

The Hydroponic Living Machine system is generally located within a building or greenhouse. The design, which was developed and first commercialized by LMS in the early 90s, was recognized by the US EPA as innovative, spurring the funding of a series of large-scale demonstration projects in Maryland, Vermont, and San Francisco to evaluate the Hydroponic process for municipal wastewater treatment.

Water enters a series of Hydroponic Reactors, or tanks, which are filled with a textile material and covered with vegetation supported on racks and aerated with fine bubble diffusers, providing the oxygen required for treatment, while keeping the tank contents mixed. The roots of the vegetation provide ideal surfaces for attached microbial populations’ growth, while the vegetation itself serves as habitat for beneficial insects and organisms that graze on microbial biomass. A layer of light-weight expanded shale aggregate is placed on top of the racks, creating a natural biofilter, colonized with bacteria that remove any residual odor compounds.